• 1 Ayat 1000 Dinar
    Prayer Request Abundant LiveLihood.
  • 2 Masjidil Haram
    Biggest Mosque at the World.
  • 3 Simple Pretty Bag
    Original Rattan Bag Art
  • 4 Al Mulq Ayat 1
    Xelograph Calligraph With Ornament Abstract
  • 4 Wild Horse Relief
    Group Wild Horse In Fields.

Asmaulhusna & Ayat Kursi

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ayat kursi _asmaul khusna
Code KF 06
Name Asmaulhusna & Ayat Kursi
Dimention 55 x 135 cm
Material Brass
  • This Calligraph chiselled by Asmaulhusna from Collecting Name Of Allah and Ayat kursi from book alqura'an
  • The frame use usual model by the straight motive  and the material use teak wood
Price $ 35

Kuda Liar

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kuda liar
Code KF14
Name Kuda Liar
Dimention 55 x 135 cm
Material Brass
  • This Relief Descripting of horse on the field.
  • The frame use usual model by the straight motive and the material use teak wood
Price $ 35

Kuda Liar 2

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kuda liar2
Code KF16
Name Kuda Liar 2
Dimention 55 x 135 cm
Material Brass
  • This Relief Descripting of carriage And horse on the Kingdom.
  • The frame use usual model by the straight motive and the material use teak wood
Price $ 35

How to Order

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1. Select the items you order
2. Contact me in Call Or SMS 081-390-684-541
or email to:kartinishopjepara@yahoo.com
3. Delivery outside Java Or foreign: Ask us for costing/we use Fedex or other express service to deliver to all our customer
4. Payment term: BNI transfer
5. After payment transferred, we would ship your order via Fedex - Fedex shipment proof will be scan and email to you.
6. Note:Price is subject to changes.

About Us

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  • Company
    Before becoming Kartini Shop On-Line that we initiated on 15 February 2008, Kartini Shop is an existing home business since 1987 specializing in the production of brass and wood kerjinan calligraphy and other kerjinan like monel and others. Because of the times and with increasing competition, we decided to promote our products with labels Kartini Shop for impression and flavor Jepara remain attached to our business.
    002_Showroom_P02 002_Showroom_P07
    002_Showroom_door PIC_0222
  • Company Product Uniqueness
    Shop products Kartini of Jepara is typical handicrafts, among others, monel crafts, calligraphy, painting and other accessoris bebeapa sorts. In making these craft items contained production process where the process is to provide results that can attract the hearts and interest of the community.
  • Legal Aspects and ownership
    Kartini Shop is an e-commerce which the possession carried by some people with joint venture is based on kinship. Currently in the process leading to the direction to be registered in the department concerned.
  • Company Location and Facilities
    • Special Accessories: Jalan Pemuda No.46 alley Concerned Jepara, Central Java - Indonesia
    • Calligraphy Special Wood: Jl.Gudang Sawo No.115 Rt.03 Rw.05 Mulyoharjo Jepara, Central Java - Indonesia
    • Calligraphy Special Brass: Jl. Pulodarat Rt Rt 17 Rw 02 Pecangaan Jepara, Central Java – Indonesia


  • Business Type
Kartini Shop is an e-commerce to sell products online Jepara typical crafts such as handicrafts from rattan, monel, brass and wood, more specifically, such as calligraphy and jewelry and other accessories. Although based in Jepara, it is possible to sell products to the outside Jepara, maybe even international.
  • Financial goals
On his way, Kartini Shop trying to dig benefited financially from working with several business partners in accordance with our craft business. Between the products that we provide clients with a payment given to us is a separate profit value for us of course with regard to all things related to income calculation. Our market supply is by way of direct selling products are displayed in our store, or on-line via the Internet to customers who could become our clients to become part of them to promote and establish the business.
  • Management overviews
Kartini Shop is managed by a competent person. And should be more emphasized that the management of Kartini Shop to give an account that Kartini Shop e-commerce is an honest and professional in maintaining customer confidence.
  • Service and Competitions
Shop in the city of Jepara Kartini in particular put forward the unique craft products less competitive relative Jepara therefore we strive to be pioneers and gives inspiration to Jepara and surrounding areas.

  • Promotion strategy
Our customers are those who buy our products. Strength networking or network on mass media and the Internet became a weapon in a campaign mainstay kami.menawarkan products to every customer is one strategy powerful enough to introduce our product.
  • Creating and maintaining customers
We maintain the trust of our customers by offering unique craft products Jepara quality and guaranteed quality. Our business ties diatara professionally entwined with basic from heart to heart the goal of prioritizing mutuality or mutual benefit between us. So that trust can be tied tightly.