• 1 Ayat 1000 Dinar
    Prayer Request Abundant LiveLihood.
  • 2 Masjidil Haram
    Biggest Mosque at the World.
  • 3 Simple Pretty Bag
    Original Rattan Bag Art
  • 4 Al Mulq Ayat 1
    Xelograph Calligraph With Ornament Abstract
  • 4 Wild Horse Relief
    Group Wild Horse In Fields.

How to Order

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1. Select the items you order
2. Contact me in Call Or SMS 081-390-684-541
or email to:kartinishopjepara@yahoo.com
3. Delivery outside Java Or foreign: Ask us for costing/we use Fedex or other express service to deliver to all our customer
4. Payment term: BNI transfer
5. After payment transferred, we would ship your order via Fedex - Fedex shipment proof will be scan and email to you.
6. Note:Price is subject to changes.

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